What is a Mobile Mechanic and Why Would They Need Insurance?

A mobile mechanic is a professional who provides automotive repair and maintenance services on the go. They will typically travel to the location of the vehicle that needs repair, or service, rather than the owner bringing it into a garage or repair shop for the work to be done.

A mobile mechanic brings their tools, equipment and expertise directly to the customer’s location – whether at their home, workplace or wherever the vehicle is situated. However, working solo, as an independent mobile mechanic, or even as part of a fleet of mobile mechanics carries its share of risks and this is why it’s vital to consider the right types of insurance to cover your work and business.

What Are The Benefits of a Mobile Mechanic?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the way that many services operate has changed vastly – accelerating existing trends and introducing new ones which has reshaped the landscape of mobile services.

The need for social distancing and reduced physical contact during the pandemic has led many to appreciate the concept of contactless services, and whilst so many were forced to work remotely and many have remained working from home, or in a hybrid manner since, there has been an increased demand for remote services – online shopping, delivery services, entertainment, healthcare and home services to name but a few!

So, why not a mobile mechanic service? If a vet will come remotely to treat my pet on the drive, then I can book a mechanic to service my car. Whilst working in the office you can book a valet to clean it, or a mobile mechanic to do an MOT saving the inconvenience of losing time and effort getting it to a garage.

With more and more people wising up to the idea of a mobile mechanic, it’s a career on the up.

Is Being a Mobile Mechanic a Good Career?

Perhaps you prefer to work for yourself, without the complications of adhering to company or business rules and regulations. Or maybe you’ve just started on your own with grand dreams of building up a business that one day has its fixed garage and a team of mechanics working for you. Whatever way you’re coming at the role, working as a mobile mechanic is a great way to start a career in the industry.

A mobile mechanic in this day and age is a very desirable service. With so many people working from home or unable for one reason or another to get their vehicle into a local garage, having a mechanic you can trust who will come to your home or place of work to service, repair or carry out an MOT test while you work, is a real godsend! Building a good reputation and client base will assure you of a high level of work for many years to come.

The more trained you become and the more tasks you can complete from simple maintenance of oil changes and brake repairs to complex tasks such as engine diagnostics and transmission repairs, the more customers you will attract to this flexible way of maintaining their vehicles.

Without a garage to upkeep, your overheads will be low, and this means a lucrative way to earn a living using your mechanical skills.

What Might a Mobile Mechanic Need Insurance For?

As with anyone involved in the motor trade, a mobile mechanic will need to be covered by a well-constructed insurance policy as even though they might not have a garage, there are still risks to the business that need to be covered. There are various reasons that a mobile mechanic will need insurance, and these include:

  • Auto insurance – Travelling to your customers will mean having insurance to cover the van you travel in from client to client which is, essentially, your workshop filled with tools and spare parts for repairing vehicles. This insurance will cover any damage to your vehicle as well as liability if you’re involved in an accident while travelling to a customer’s location and is a legal requirement to drive any vehicle on the road.
  • Liability protection – As with any business involving servicing customers and their property, mobile mechanics face the risk of liability for accidents or damage that occurs during their work. Liability insurance will cover any legal expenses and compensation costs if the mechanic is found responsible for injuries to customers, damage to their vehicles or third-party property.
  • Business interruption – If a mobile mechanic is unable to work because of an accident or damage to their service vehicle, then this insurance will provide compensation for the loss of income – helping to cover ongoing expenses.

Other elements to consider in an insurance policy for a mobile mechanic might well be cover for their property – the tools, equipment and parts they carry in their vans – and professional liability in case a customer claims their work is subpar, incomplete or resulted in further damage to the vehicle.

If as a mobile mechanic, you’re not working alone but have employees working for you, then you will legally have to have employer’s liability insurance too.

Whilst auto insurance of Third Party Only (TPO) is the most basic legal requirement for a mobile mechanic, and employer’s liability if there are employees, if you only have the most basic of insurance cover you may find yourself in a difficult situation which could be the end of your business and income.

If your insurance coverage is not sufficient a disgruntled customer may decide to sue you. Other disasters such as theft, vandalism or fire of your van will also cause catastrophic implications for your business, which if not covered by adequate insurance risks ending your business. Getting the right insurance will mean a small initial outlay that can save you thousands in the long run – assuring you that your back is covered.

How Can a Mobile Mechanic Find the Right Insurance?

Finding the right insurance packages for your mobile mechanic business is best discussed with a professional insurance broker who is the best expert in the field. Ideally, an insurance firm that specialises in motor insurance is likely to be able to offer the best packages and deals and will have the most up-to-date knowledge and advice for those needing their insurance policies.

Making sure you have the right insurance will guarantee you peace of mind that any possible accident or disaster will be covered and give you the confidence to get on with what you do best – fixing your customer’s cars.

The experienced team at Prime Cover has a combined knowledge of the motor insurance industry that spans decades – assuring you that you’re in the best hands to find the perfectly tailored policy at the most competitive prices.

If you’re a mobile mechanic of several years working in the trade, or you’re just branching out for the first time, we’re confident that we can curate the perfect policy for your business and needs. So, why not get in touch today to get a free, no-obligation quote and find out how Prime Cover can help?

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