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Insurance for Mechanics and Mobile Mechanics

Mechanics who work from a garage or those on a mobile basis from a van need to be covered by mechanics' insurance. Whether your business is in fixing and servicing regular customer's cars or you're on the move in a recovery truck, there are many risks to consider and cover to give you peace of mind.

You will need insurance to cover your own vehicle as well as enable you to drive customers' cars, coverage for your tools and equipment in transit and public liability insurance. If you employ anyone, that will call for employers' liability insurance as well. A properly tailored mechanics' insurance policy will protect your business and enable you to continue to operate, preventing loss of earnings and, if purchased, also covering legal expenses.

What is Mobile Mechanics' Insurance?

All mechanics require specialist insurance, and mobile mechanics are no exception. Mobile mechanics' insurance is designed to suit the unique risk factors involved in taking yourself, your vehicle and all of your tools on the road, as well as any potential accidental damage caused to customers’ vehicles.

  • Get coverage for accidents while on the road or servicing customer vehicles.
  • Recoup losses if your tools should be lost or stolen.
  • If injured on the job, have the security of payouts to cover financial loss during business downtime.
  • You can extend your mobile mechanics' insurance policy to cover areas such as employers' liability, affordable trade plate insurance and public liability.

Types of Traders Cover Available

Mobile mechanic’s insurance is a form of motor trade policy that is designed to cover the specific risk factors involved in taking yourself and your business on the road. Insurance for mobile mechanics often includes: 

  • Public liability – Cover for any liability claims made against you by members of the public for damage caused by you.  
  • Employer’s liability – Protection against any claims made against by anyone you employ.  
  • Legal cover – This will help with the cost of legal fees should you find yourself in court for an issue covered by your policy.  
  • Tool cover – Cover for the cost of your tools in case they’re lost or stolen.  
  • Trade plate cover – In case you should need to move vehicles on the road that don’t belong to you.  
  • Mechanic’s insurance – To cover any damage that might be inflicted on customers’ cars in the course of your work.  

The Criteria to Consider for Mobile Mechanic Insurance

The exact criteria that need consideration before applying for a mechanic or mobile mechanic insurance policy will vary depending on the insurance provider and the type of coverage needed. There are some common aspects to consider, such as:

Business Details

The location of your business, the volume and type of work undertaken, such as vehicle sales, as well as if you have any employees.

Driving History

The mechanic or other persons who might drive the vehicle and, if they have a clean licence, as any accidents or convictions can impact the premium.

Equipment and Tools

The value of these and where they’re stored can have an impact on theft coverage.

Experience in the Industry

New businesses or mechanics may have higher premiums until they’ve built up claim-free history.

Previous Claims History

Your previous claims history can impact your insurance premiums. Being truthful about your claims history ensures you get the right coverage. Understand its impact on better insurance choices.

Security and Safety

If you have some security measures in place, such as alarms, CCTV and secure storage, these can reduce premiums if you require premises cover.

Selecting The Right Policy

Before applying for mobile mechanics' insurance there are some elements you should evaluate in order to be able to arrange the exact level of insurance coverage that your business requires. As each business is unique, every insurance policy will need to be crafted carefully to suit your needs and budget. Some of these aspects to assess are:

  • Type of coverage – Different types of insurance are relevant depending on your operations - for example, ‘goods in transit’ might be essential if you frequently transport parts or vehicles.
  • Coverage limit – How much cover will you need, especially with public liability or covering the cost of vehicles, tools and equipment that are essential to your work?
  • Contract terms – Check for any exclusions or limitations and consider the size of the excess you’re willing to pay and make sure it’s affordable. If you have a no-claims bonus this can reduce your premiums.
  • Continuous coverage – Having continuous coverage demonstrates responsibility and reduces risks in the eyes of the insurers.
  • Compare quotes – Get several quotes to compare costs of premiums and coverage offered and check the reviews and feedback for each insurance provider to be sure they provide good service – especially when making a claim.

A specialist mobile mechanic insurance provider is going to be able to understand the needs of your business and the potential risks involved and will be better placed to offer tailored coverage options that will suit your needs better than going to a general insurer. You might be wondering; how much is mobile mechanic insurance?

The best way to find an answer is to get in touch with a member of our expert team and discuss your business’s unique needs and receive a free, no-obligation quote today.

Why Choose Prime Cover for Mobile Mechanics Insurance?

Prime Cover is the insurer of choice for mobile mechanics. We work exclusively in the motor trade and build bespoke insurance policies for our clients. You'll pay for exactly the level of cover you need with no unnecessary add-ons or hidden fees. With Prime Cover, get simple and clear mobile mechanic insurance quotes, with competitive pricing and a 24/7 claims and support line.

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Benefits of Mobile Mechanics Insurance

There are several benefits to having the right mobile mechanics' insurance.

  • Legal protection – Don’t get caught out operating without the required insurance. For some aspects of your business, you’ll be required by law to have insurance.
  • Peace of mind – With the right insurance policy you can rest easy knowing no matter what comes next, you’re protected.
  • Business resilience – By protecting the core of your operations, you’ll be protected from setbacks that could otherwise cripple businesses such as theft, vandalism, accidents or lawsuits.

How Much Will Mobile Mechanics' Insurance Cost?

Each mobile mechanics' insurance policy will differ in price based on individual circumstances. Key factors that affect the price include:

  • Driving and claims history – If you have a record of driving offences or previous insurance claims, your policy will be more expensive as you'll be deemed a higher risk. Those with a clean record and few or no claims will be able to get a cheaper policy.
  • Age – Younger drivers are deemed a higher risk. Typically, 25 is a key age, and those under 25 should expect to pay more for their mobile mechanics' insurance.
  • The level of cover you choose – There are ways to reduce the cost of your policy, such as opting for less comprehensive cover. However, this does come with greater risks.  
  • Where your van is kept – Where you keep your van will impact the cost of your policy, as will whether you keep tools in your van overnight.
  • The security of your van or work vehicle – You may also be able to get an additional discount by installing insurer-recognised security devices such as extra locks or tracking devices.

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Firstly, you will definitely need a basic level of road risk insurance – such as Third-Party Only (TPO) or Third-Party, Fire and Theft (TPFT) to legally be able to use your van on the road to get to your customers. However, the level of other aspects of mobile mechanic insurance you might need will depend largely on the type and volume of business you conduct, the level of interaction you have with members of the public, if you employ anyone to work for you and if you carry valuable tools and equipment in your van. All of these different variables have to be taken into account to give you the right level of cover for your business. To find out what mobile mechanic insurance you need for your unique business, get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team today to discuss what levels of cover you need and get a free quote.

With Prime Cover, that depends on your business. We’ll build your policy just for you, so you can be covered in as many areas as you need, including road risk, tools, public liability, employer’s liability, trade plate cover, injury, and damage to customers’ vehicles.

Mobile mechanics need insurance for a variety of reasons. In some cases, they’re required by law to have insurance, such as cover to legally drive your work vehicle on the road, or to move customers' cars, or employers’ liability insurance to legally employ others. For other areas of your business, insurance isn’t legally mandated, but is just common sense. Operating without the right insurance can leave you exposed to unnecessary risks, and cause nasty, expensive setbacks that, in some cases, can drown businesses.

Liability insurance is not a legal requirement for mobile mechanics, but is highly advisable. Without it, an accident as simple as a customer tripping over your tools could cause you a major headache and incur legal costs that might sink your business.

You can add as much coverage to your mechanics insurance policy as you need, which can include protection for the cost of your tools and equipment.

You can tailor your mobile mechanics insurance policy to include cover for your own work vehicle, as well as liability cover for any damage caused to customers’ vehicles either while working on them or while driving them.

Yes. You can choose to simply insure your work vehicle if you choose, but we can work with you to evaluate risk areas and scale your policy as much or as little as you need to ensure you’re covered against all likely claims.

Much like everyday car insurance policies, there are a few key factors that will affect the cost of your mobile mechanic's insurance policy, including the value of your work vehicle, what aspects of your business you choose to insure, any previous claims or convictions, where your work vehicle is stored at night, and the value of any equipment kept in your work vehicle.

Yes, absolutely. We can work with you to create a mobile mechanics insurance policy that suits your specific business operations and covers as many risk areas as you need. We also provide a plethora of other insurance types, including car valeting insurance and more.

The best way to find affordable and comprehensive mobile mechanics insurance is to go to a provider who’s experienced in the motortrade sector, such as Prime Cover. An experienced provider will understand the specific risks and requirements of your business and will work with you to provide a cost-effective policy.

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