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Car valeting is so much more than soap suds and polish and as people will always want a pristine vehicle to drive – valeting is unlikely to ever go out of business. Vehicle owners want their pride and joy taken good care of, and given the value of the customer’s cars, a valeter, who will be using cleaning chemicals and specialised cleaning equipment, will want to have insurance to make sure that if any accidents happen, both they and the customer’s vehicle, are covered.

Comprehensive Car Valeting Insurance: Safeguard Your Business Today

A valeter may have to drive the customer’s car to move it into position leading to the risk of an accident to the car, with the addition of public liability, if the chemical treatments are spilt on the upholstery or paintwork by mistake, or used incorrectly, then car valeting insurance can ensure that the problems are dealt with, without putting you out of business or using up all of your savings.

Whether your car valeting business operates out of a garage, other location or is a mobile one, having a good valeting insurance policy will make certain that if any accidents happen, you can have peace of mind that it’ll be taken care of. Whether you’re a self-employed, mobile valeter or you own a business that provides valet services, car valeting insurance is essential to protect your equipment, and damages to your, or your clients’, cars from accident or theft.

Here, at Prime Cover, we understand the unique requirements of car valeting insurance and offer comprehensive policies that protect your business. We have additional commercial policies available to cover your business against loss or damage to your own equipment, employee theft, business interruption, public and products and employers’ liability.

We aim to provide a car valeting insurance online quote at the most competitive prices.

Criteria for getting valeting insurance

When applying for car valeting insurance, providers will consider a variety of factors and may request certain information or criteria, such as:

  • Business details – the nature of the business, annual turnover or revenue and the length of time it has been trading.
  • Coverage required – the types of coverage required will influence the application. The most common types include public and employers’ liability, if you have employees, tools and equipment, goods in transit, business interruption as well as treatment risk of potential damage to vehicles being worked on.
  • Previous claims history – frequent claims, historically, could impact the cost of the premium.
  • Security measures that might be in place and any premises – size, facility and location.
  • Volume of work – the number of vehicles, and the value of them, you valet in a week or month.

There may be other unique factors to your business you may need coverage for, and our expert team are keen to help you discover your valet insurance needs and create a quote to suit your budget, so get in touch for your free, no-obligation quote.

What Does Car Valet Insurance Cover?

Car valeting insurance from Prime Cover is a form of motor trade insurance that can be tailored to suit the needs of your individual business and often includes cover for things such as –  

  • Public liability 
  • Business contents  
  • Employer’s liability 
  • Stock cover  
  • Business legal insurance 
  • Personal accident cover  
  • Tool cover  
  • Premises cover  
  • Excess insurance  
  • Product liability  

Insurance for car valeters can vary in what it covers, but whatever your needs, we can work with you to build the perfect policy.  

How Much Does Car Valeting Insurance Cost?

The cost of your car valeting insurance will depend on the levels of cover you need, and the aspects of your business you choose to protect. At Prime Cover, we can build you a bespoke policy that offers all the cover you need and nothing you don’t, all for an affordable price. Contact us today for a free quote. 

What Does Insurance for Car Valeters Cover and What’s Not Included?

Public liability Use of heat, except in the case of heat guns to remove vinyls
Business contents Boats and other non-road-going vehicles
Employer’s liability Any processes of cleaning that use chemicals or methods other than those stated in the manufacturer's guidelines
Stock cover Communicable disease cover
Business legal insurance n/a
Personal accident cover n/a
Tool cover n/a
Premises cover n/a
Excess insurance n/a
Product liability n/a

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This will depend on the many variables that are your unique business. As valeting businesses are as varied in size and style as the cars they work on, no one policy fits all. To find out what insurance your business needs, get in touch with a friendly and expert member of our team to discuss your requirements.

The cost of your car valeting insurance will depend on the size and scope of your business. If you’re a self-employed, mobile valet, you will have different insurance needs than a company with several employees operating out of a fixed premises. To find out more about the cost of car valeting insurance, get in touch today.

Anyone working as a car valeter will require car valeting insurance. Without it, you’re leaving yourself open to risk factors that could potentially cause your business to close down.

The other forms of insurance you’re likely to require can be built into your car valeting insurance policy. Your insurance provider should be able to work with you to assess the level of cover you need based on your situation and build a policy that best protects your business’s future.  

At Prime Cover, we work almost exclusively in the motor trade and are experienced in building bespoke policies to suit all kinds of motor trade-related businesses. We can build a bespoke car valeting insurance policy to cover the unique risk areas your business faces. Contact us today to discuss your needs and receive a free quote.

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