Recovery Truck Insurance

At Prime Cover Ltd, the team has over 40 years of experience in the insurance industry. We aim to deliver clear and concise communication without technical language to make sure you fully understand the products you’re buying and the coverage you need to protect your business. We know how important it is to have the right kind of insurance for your recovery trucks and breakdown recovery business – to protect your vehicles, equipment and staff. You can rest assured you’re in good hands and you will be offered the best package for your requirements.

What is Recovery Truck Insurance and Who Needs it?

Recovery truck insurance is a cover specifically designed for vehicles involved in the recovery businesses, such as tow and breakdown trucks, and as they are used to transport disabled, damaged or illegally parked vehicles they require a distinct insurance policy.

Recovery truck insurance can apply to those who tow vehicles for any purpose whether breakdown, repair garages or vehicle delivery agents. There are many elements that recovery truck insurance needs to cover and some of the basics include:

  • Public liability.
  • Goods in Transit insurance.
  • Road risk insurance.
  • Damage to buildings and contents.
  • Theft of your vehicle.
  • Damage or theft of tools and equipment.
  • Customer vehicle protection.

There may be other features of your unique business that could need to be covered which can range from personal injury protection for the truck operator and passengers, goods in transit insurance for any vehicles being carried aboard the truck and even garage cover for truck operators who store vehicles in a secured area.

The exact needs will vary depending on the nature of the business, legal requirements and the specific risks associated with the operation. Prime Cover is an expert at finding you the recovery truck insurance quote you need to cover your unique operation.

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What Do You Get?


  • Vehicle Cover - Similar to standard vehicle insurance and covers the recovery truck itself against risks like accidents, fire, theft and vandalism.  
  • Liability Insurance - Covers liability claims for bodily injuries or property damage to third parties.  
  • On Hook Coverage - Protection against damage to vehicles whilst being towed.  
  • Business Interruption - Covers the company whilst the recovery truck is out of operation. 
  • Public Liability Insurance - Covers any injuries or damages to members of the public caused by any business operations.  
  • And more - Including goods in transit, road risks, employer’s liability insurance and legal expenses. 


Features of Prime Cover’s Recovery Truck Policies

Universal Importance:

  • Crucial for all recovery businesses, regardless of size, whether using one single vehicle or a whole fleet.

Financial Security:

  • Crucial for stabilising business finances after an accident.

Customised Approach:

  • Recognises uniqueness, and commits to tailored policies for individual needs.

Tailor-Made Coverage:

  • Covers public liability, property damage, and theft, with 24-hour claims and nationwide garages.

Discounts and Extras section:

  • We offer no claims discounts, multi-vehicle policies and garage security measures.
  • Optional extras such as windscreen cover, key care and excess protection.

Prime Cover takes pride in its ability to create customised recovery truck insurance policies that suit the unique requirements of each business's operations and needs.

Why Recovery Truck Insurance Matters

Recovery truck insurance is essential for a variety of reasons. The unique nature of the operations they undertake is significantly different to regular trucks and vehicles. They aren’t just hauling goods; they’re transporting other vehicles and often under very challenging conditions.

The process of towing another vehicle can lead to complicated situations where who is at fault isn’t necessarily clear, so specialised coverage can help deal with these scenarios. The different types of towing businesses and the huge array of different services that they provide, from roadside assistance to vehicle storage, means that each has unique risks and challenges. The very different types of recovery that any given truck is engaged in can also necessitate specialised equipment such as winches, hoists and flatbeds and these need to be insured in case of malfunction or accident as they can prevent the truck from being operational, interrupting customer service, or creating vast repair bills if not covered.

These risks and potential accidents as well as possible theft or damage need to be covered by your recovery truck insurance policy for the safeguarding of your business operations as well as being a legal requirement of operating a commercial recovery business. Prime Cover offers recovery truck insurance quotes tailored to your combination of risks and critical roles to protect your business, employees and equipment.

Our recovery truck insurance prices are amongst the most competitive on the market as we are committed to offering great value for money.

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The Types of Recovery Truck Insurance Policies

A recovery truck insurance policy will most likely need a combination of insurance coverages, given the specialised nature of their work. A basic policy may be insufficient to protect your business fully, meaning unexpected payments or even closing down your business for periods of time.

At Prime Cover, we ensure that every recovery truck insurance quote is tailored to your precise business requirements and budget, so get in touch today with a friendly, expert member of our team.

Some of the main recovery truck insurance quotes might include cover for:

Fully Comprehensive Cover

This will cover your recovery truck if it gets damaged in an accident, even if it was your fault, and also covers non-collision incidents, such as fire, theft, vandalism and weather/flood damage.

Third Party

This can often be the cheapest option to be able to legally drive your truck and will mean you have to prove any accident wasn’t your fault in a situation, in order that your own property is repaired or replaced.

Third Party Fire and Theft

This cover is the same as third party insurance cover but it extends to any damage caused by fire or the theft of your truck.

Public Liability

This will cover you against claims made by the public for bodily injury or property damage as a result of your business activities. It covers you from the cost of compensation claims.

Legal Expenses

Should you have to fight a liability claim you will have to pay out for the legal expenses which can become very costly, very quickly, so you can get them covered as a bolt on to your recovery truck insurance policy.

Fleet Insurance

If you have more than one truck operating in your business, then fleet insurance that covers all the trucks in your business can be much less complicated and more cost-effective.

  • Mechanics/Mobile Mechanics

    Whether you are a mechanic who fixes cars that have broken down on the side of the road or at your garage, it's crucial to safeguard yourself, your van, and your equipment with comprehensive mobile mechanic insurance.

  • Valeters

    These days, many people find it much easier to have someone clean and valet their vehicles, and you will need to make sure your equipment and business are fully protected.

  • Auto Electricians

    Working on the complicated electronics of vehicles is a specialised field and your vehicles and equipment need protection to ensure you can keep working.

  • New Businesses

    Your new business is vulnerable and unexpected, large costs could have devastating effects, so having the right insurance to protect it is essential.

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Recovery truck insurance is a specifically designed insurance product that covers all eventualities when operating a recovery truck business. It is specialised to this line of work and so differs from standard vehicle insurance.  

Recovery truck insurance is essential for individuals and businesses involved in the operation of recovery trucks, also known as tow trucks. This specialised insurance is necessary for a variety of entities due to the unique risks associated with towing and vehicle recovery services.  


Recovery truck insurance works by providing specialised coverage tailored to the unique needs and risks associated with operating recovery trucks.  

Recovery truck insurance covers a range of risks specific to the operation of recovery trucks, including vehicle damage, third-party liability, goods in transit, on-hook liability, property damage, personal injury, legal expenses, road risks, business interruption, employer’s liability and more.  

Recovery truck insurance can be obtained by a range of individuals and entities involved in the operation of recovery trucks, including towing companies, roadside assistance providers, independent tow truck operators, auto repair and body shops, car dealerships, salvage and auction companies and fleet owners.  


The period your insurance is valid will depend on the agreement you take out, but typically, insurance policies will last a year and then be renewed based on a newer quote. 

Recovery truck insurance is primarily designed for commercial purposes, focusing on the specific risks and liabilities associated with towing and vehicle recovery operations. Using a recovery truck for personal purposes under a commercial insurance policy can be complex and is subject to the terms and conditions of the specific policy and guidelines of the insurance provider.  

When applying for recovery truck insurance, certain documents are typically required to provide the insurer with adequate information to assess the risk and determine the appropriate premium. The required documents can vary depending on the insurance provider and specific policy, but typically they will include a driver’s license, vehicle registration documents, proof of business, vehicle inspection reports, business financial records and claims history.  


The cost of recovery truck insurance is calculated based on several factors that influence the level of risk associated with the operation of the truck. Insurance providers consider these factors to determine the premium. These factors include type and size of truck, age and condition of the truck, geographical location, nature of towing operations, frequency and distance of towing, claims history, business use, security measures and more. 


Choosing the right recovery truck insurance provider is crucial to ensure you have appropriate coverage for your specific needs and risks. Steps and factors to consider when selecting an insurance provider for recovery truck insurance include assessing your insurance needs, researching providers, price comparisons, comparing coverage options, checking financial stability and more.