Motor trade combined insurance

Combined motor trade insurance is a comprehensive form of insurance designed specifically for businesses operating in the motor trade industry. This can include dealerships, garages, mechanics, valeters/vehicle detailers, breakdown services and any other trade that is involved in the sale, repair or maintenance of vehicles. A combined motor trade insurance policy is designed to cover every aspect of your motor trade business and will typically combine a range of different coverage types to protect from various risks businesses face in their day-to-day operations, whether to the vehicles, customers, staff or property.

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Our Combined Motor Trade Insurance

Your motor trade business is completely secured with our motor trade commercial combined policy, to ensure your total peace of mind. The range of coverage that our combined policy provides includes liability to cover any third-party claims for injury or damage to property that is caused by your business with a public liability policy. You can choose to cover your premises and property including all equipment, tools and stock. Another aspect of your business that you can choose to cover is interruption to business, preventing financial loss if your operations are suddenly interrupted. Motor trade road risk is covered to protect against any third-party claims that involve harm or property loss caused by vehicles under your care, control or custody. The breadth of your policy of combined motor trade insurance can also cover, amongst other features:

  • Directors’ and officers’ insurance – for claims made against you as the business owner.
  • Cover for engineering inspection – safety assessment of the equipment you use.
  • Sales and service indemnity – protecting against claims of injury or accidental damage as a result of fitting parts or a vehicle/product sale.
  • Loss of MOT licence – specialist insurance to cover losing the ability to issue MOTs.

As every business is unique, each will need a customised policy to meet the specific requirements of your company. Our team of knowledgeable insurance brokers will collaborate with you to design a policy that offers the combined motor trade insurance protection that you need at an affordable rate.

How Much Does Combined Motor Trade Insurance Cost?

The cost of combined motor trade insurance will vary significantly based on a variety of factors, and an insurance broker will have to consider a large number of variables when coming up with a figure for a quote. Some of the main factors that have to be considered to create a combined motor trade insurance quote include the nature of the business, for instance, a dealership has different levels of risk compared to a repair shop or recovery service.

Also, the location of the business - as some locations carry greater risks. Other factors that might either raise or lower the cost of combined motor trade insurance include security measures on your premises, the number of employees, the types and value of equipment and vehicles handled, as well as the volume and experience of the business, amongst other considerations that may well be unique to your circumstances.

Benefits of Combined Motor Trade Insurance with Prime Cover

Ultimately in the volatile landscape of the motor trade, our combined policy and expert team can stand as your dedicated companions to enable you to channel your energy into your business growth, without any spectre of unforeseen calamities. A combined motor trade insurance policy can foster business resilience and prosperity.

There are several huge benefits in choosing to take combined motor insurance coverage with Prime Cover, not the least of which is having a single policy to cover multiple aspects of your business, which makes the cost as well as the management considerably easier than having several different policies. Some of the main advantages of a combined policy are:

Comprehensive coverage

One policy that can cover everything from liability, property damage to business interruption and motor trade road risks – our policy is crafted to shield you from all unforeseen challenges.


We recognise that no two businesses are the same so our policy is rooted in flexibility. We champion customisable policies that align with your company, tailor-made to ensure premium protection at competitive rates.

Protection for customers and employees

Our combined motor trade insurance is a barricade against any financial implications arising from employee injury or illness connected to their work, and any potential liabilities connected to medical expenses or property damage for a customer.


By having only one policy instead of several different ones, you will make a significant cost saving, converging the twin benefits of comprehensive protection and financial savings.

Importance of Liability Coverage

The significance of liability coverage for businesses and individuals cannot be overstated in today’s society. At its core, liability coverage acts as a protective shield against potential lawsuits and claims arising from accidents, injuries or negligence that may occur. The financial implications of legal claims can be staggering, whether it’s medical costs, repair expenses or legal fees, the associated costs can cripple businesses and drain personal savings.

Liability coverage steps in during such times, safeguarding the company’s financial stability and ensuring that a single incident doesn’t translate into an enduring monetary burden. Beyond finances, liability coverage bestows peace of mind – with so many variables and evolving dynamics – you can navigate the complexities of customers, business needs and more with greater assurance knowing that potential oversights won’t lead to financial pitfalls. For many areas of your business, some insurance is a legal requirement not just a safeguard. However, having the right insurance coverage will enhance credibility and showcase a proactive approach to potential clients which highlights professionalism, responsibility, and preparedness.

Who Needs Vehicle Collection and Delivery Insurance?

Various businesses and individuals involved in the transportation, collection or delivery of vehicles will be those who typically need this type of insurance. Those who need to consider vehicle collection and delivery insurance include:

  • MOT stations

    As these certify the roadworthiness of cars, a slight error can lead to major repercussions, and wrongful certification or an oversight can cause legal challenges.

  • New and used car sales

    These businesses hold valuable stock and risks include theft, damage to vehicles on the premises and liability from the sale of a faulty vehicle.

  • Dealerships

    Similar to car sales, dealerships have extensive stock and often offer services like repairs, making their risk profile broader.

  • Auto electricians

    With the intricate nature of modern car electronics, a small error can lead to significant malfunctions or safety risks for drivers.

  • Service and repair garages

    These establishments deal with a plethora of vehicles daily and the risks involve accidental damage during repairs, potential injuries onsite or a misdiagnosis of a vehicle issue.

  • And any other motor trade business with stock or premises

    Holding stock means vulnerability to theft, damage or depreciation and owning premises introduces risks of property damage, public liability and potential business interruptions.

  • Recovery operators

    Their work involves the potential for road accidents, damage during vehicle recovery, or liabilities while operating in hazardous conditions.

  • Body shops

    The focus here is on vehicle aesthetics. Mistakes can lead to costly reworks and there’s always the risk of damage or injury in the workshop.

  • Classic car restoration

    Handling vintage cars carries the risk of damaging irreplaceable parts and the value of the vehicles is also a higher potential liability.

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Motor trade insurance at some level is a legal requirement as your business is exposed to a wide range of risks. From potential damage to vehicles, liabilities from customer or employee injury, to risks associated with business premises and tools – the scope for financial loss is significant. If your motor trade business involves driving different vehicles on public roads, handling customers’ cars or test driving them, you are legally required to have road risk insurance of at least third-party level cover as a minimum.

If you have any employees, even if they’re part-time or temporary, you are legally required to have employers’ liability insurance. Covering other aspects of risk is not a legal requirement, but they can be critical in protecting your business financially and can be considered essential given the range of risks in the motor trade industry. It’s crucial to consult with one of our expert team members to ensure that you have the right level of coverage for your specific business activities.

The specific coverage you need depends on the nature and scale of your motor trade business. At a minimum, you'll need road risk cover if you're driving vehicles as part of your operations and if you have employees then employers' liability is a must. If you interact with the public then public liability insurance is crucial.

Beyond these, consider premises insurance if you own a workspace, product liability for parts or vehicles sold, business interruption for potential loss of income, and material damage for tools and equipment. Get in touch with one of our friendly team who can help tailor a policy to your exact needs.

If you need to make a claim on your motor trade insurance policy, the first step is to contact our dedicated claims team as soon as possible. They'll guide you through the claims process. Typically, you'll need to provide details about the incident, along with any relevant documentation, such as photos or police reports, and potentially get estimates for repairs.

After evaluating the claim, the insurance company will determine the payout amount, if applicable. It's vital to be truthful and detailed in your claim, as discrepancies can lead to denied claims.

Generally, a motor trade combined insurance includes road risk which will allow policyholders to drive any vehicle as part of their business operations.

However, the specific conditions can vary based on the policy. Some policies might only cover certain vehicles or have restrictions based on the car’s age, value or type, so it’s crucial to check the terms of your policy and know exactly which vehicles and who is covered.