Breakdown recovery Insurance

Breakdown and recovery operators are the saviours who provide breakdown cover, or roadside assistance, for drivers whose vehicles have broken down and left them stranded. As recovery operators often attend to broken-down cars in challenging and high-risk environments, like the hard shoulder of the motorway, their work is filled with potential liabilities and risks. Prime Cover offers breakdown and recovery insurance that will cover a wide range of potential issues for cars, vans, recovery trucks and any other vehicle involved in the business of working on broken-down vehicles or towing and transporting them to a safer location for repair. Breakdown and recovery insurance can cover your own vehicle and also customer’s vehicles while they’re being moved or repaired.

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What Does Breakdown and Recovery Insurance Cover?

A breakdown recovery insurance from Prime Cover is available with a road risk and goods in transit policy to make sure every eventuality of your business is covered and legally compliant. Depending on your business and operations, you will need a bespoke policy to cover all the unique requirements you have and Prime Cover can access some of the most competitive deals available to offer to our valued clients. Breakdown and recovery truck insurance typically covers:

  • Vehicle insurance – covering the recovery vehicle itself from accident, theft and other dangers.
  • Liability insurance – public, product and employer’s liability will ensure you’re covered from any claims from customers or employees for injury or accident, or faults or defects arising from a part that is supplied.
  • Goods in transit - will cover vehicles being transported by the recovery operator, or even clients in onward travel to the garage, if their vehicle is being towed or transported.
  • Cover for premises and even other business, or personal, vehicles can be included in the policy.
  • Hook-up policies to cover damages while a vehicle is towed or hooked up to the recovery truck.

Prime Cover fully understands how unique your breakdown and recovery insurance business’s needs are and, with knowledge borne of over 40 years of combined experience, we create a bespoke insurance policy to suit the distinct requirements of your company.

We Can Insure Single Recovery Trucks or a Fleet of Vehicles

Breakdown and recovery truck insurance is vitally important for anyone who works in the industry, especially as they are frequently operating in dangerous and high-risk areas, such as motorways, road accidents or just beside a road filled with impatient commuters. Anyone who works in vehicle recovery can get breakdown and recovery insurance whether they are a self-employed, single trader with a single recovery vehicle or a large company with a fleet of specialist recovery trucks to insure.

You will need, legally, to have some level of road risk insurance for your recovery vehicle, even if this is Third Party Only (TPO) but additions to your policy can make sure you cover the transportation of customer vehicles and covers the liability of any legal disputes that could be financially crippling.

Single Recovery Trucks

You may have a single truck that you operate out of your more permanent garage and business, or you may be a single recovery and breakdown expert, but whatever your business looks like, you will need breakdown and recovery insurance for one vehicle or a fleet. No quote is too small.

Specialist Recovery Fleet Operators

Larger, regional or even national recovery operators with a fleet of vehicles will also need to have comprehensive insurance to give the business coverage in the event of any accident to the company’s vehicles or legal claims that an employee, customer or member of the public might choose to bring against your business. If you have three or more vehicles, then fleet insurance for breakdown and recovery trucks is advisable as it will be more cost-effective.

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness

They allow vehicles to be legally used on the road without individual registrations.


Often cars need to move on short notice between sites, for delivery and for test drives. It also allows driving any vehicles in a diverse range to be driven under the same plates.

Legal compliance

A legal requirement, UK trade plate insurance and plates protect from potential fines, legal action and damage to reputation

Business operations

Car dealerships need to allow test drives as part of their sales process, and mechanics need to test vehicles after service or repairs to check everything is in order.

Protection against liabilities

Issues can arise from damage or accidents with third parties.

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The Benefits of Breakdown and Recovery Insurance with Prime Cover

Prime Cover's breakdown and recovery insurance offers an array of advantages that cater to the modern driver's needs. Our 24/7 claims assistance ensures help is available round-the-clock, a bonus for those caught out at unexpected moments.

When using Prime Cover’s breakdown and recovery insurance policies, professional recovery experts can provide timely, but also competent service with peace of mind that any unexpected incidences will be covered and not cause a break in income or operations.

For businesses or individuals transporting multiple vehicles daily, Prime Cover offers unique and bespoke recovery truck insurance with comprehensive, but also economically efficient, packages.

Furthermore, the insurance acts as a financial cushion, guarding against sudden and hefty repair bills that can strain a business’s finances – especially those who are self-employed and only operating a single or couple of recovery trucks.

Safety, a concern for every road user, is greater, especially during challenging conditions like rain or snow, where the risk of breakdowns or accidents is heightened and drivers of breakdown or recovery vehicles need to be safe on the road for themselves and their drivers as well as the clients they have been called out to rescue and recover at the side of the road.

Lastly, the reliability of Prime Cover's service means minimal disruptions, whether to an individual's or a business's operations in the roadside recovery sector.

With so many clear benefits, it's obvious that Prime Cover's insurance is the best choice for those looking for a comprehensive breakdown and recovery insurance policy.

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